Monday, September 04, 2006

Conference highlights

At a big conference like this one, several different CALL strands are represented. Those of you who will be attending the conference in person, what specific sessions have caught your interest? And those of you who will be participating at a distance, from which sessions would you like to get reports?

Successful uses of CALL technology

What I see as one of the greatest advantages of the use of CALL technology in campus based courses is that when employed in an efficient way, it can be used to maximize the time that students and teachers have together. One example is to make lectures available online, either in the shape of streamed videos or as podcasts. Ideally, this will give make it possible for more student – teacher interaction during the scheduled sessions. What do you see as the greatest advantages of CALL, and do you have some inspiring examples to share?

What’s a blog?

According to some definitions, a blog is essentially an online diary, which can be used to write up daily activities. Unlike a paper diary, however, it gives the others the opportunity to read the entries and to comment on them. From this line of argument follows that blog authors are seen as mainly being interested in distributing their private lives online.

What do you think about this definition? Does it correspond to your views of what a blog is? Do you blog yourself, and/or do you ask your students to? What is your definition of a blog?